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This site gives you an introduction to Scouting in Rimutaka Zone

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Scouting Rimutaka Zone

Scouting set up

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How Scouting is set up

The Scouting set-up can be hard to understand at times if you are not directly involved.
The aim of this page is to try to explain how Scouting is set up.

Scout Group

The Scout Group is the primary unit of Scouting.
It is community based and can include any or all of the four youth sections, Keas, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers.
The Group Leader is the manager of the Scout Group and is supported by a Group Committee representing the parents of youth members.
The Group Committee arranges a meeting place is concerned with recruiting adult leaders and financial support of all sections.
Sections usually meet once per week during school terms and have occasional day and weekend outdoors activities.

All sections are open to boys and girls.

Leaders of sections

The adult leaders of each section deliver the national programme to youth members and are responsible to the Group Leader (GL) for the progress and welfare of their youth members.
Outdoor activities, new experiences, team work and individual development are important elements in all section programmes.

Kea Leader (KL) : Kea Leaders provide a simple programme based on caring and sharing in a kea Club.

Cub Leader (CL): Cub Leaders provide a fun and adventure programme with adult leadership in a Cub Pack.

Scout Leader (SL): Scout Leaders provide a programme in which small group activity develops leadership and team skills.
The Scouts contribute ideas for inclusion in the programme and help with management of the Scout Troop.

Venturer Leader (VL): Venturer Leaders provide a programme for teenagers which introduces them to a wide range of activities and experiences in which the Ventures themselves manage the Venturer Unit with adult guidance.

Their are 8 groups in the Rimutakata Zone

Zone Support
(30 Zones around NZ)

Scout Zones consist of several Scout Groups and provide management and technical support to all sections of the Scout Group.

Region Support
(5 Regions around NZ)
Rimutaka Zone is part of the Lower North Island Zone region

The National Office sets up regional support centres with professional managers and staff to manage and support Scouting in their region.

National Support

The Scout Association of New Zealand is recognised by the World Scout Movement.
A National Council including representatives of all Regions and sets policy.
A National Executive Committee governs the Movement and the Chief Executive is the general manager of Scouting.
Under his leadership the National Office supports Scouting at all levels providing national programmes, activities and human resource management.

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