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Photos of what Scouting
Rimutaka Zone has been up to
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A lot of the photos can now be seen on our Facebook page

Items of Interest

Some things that are Scouting related that might be of interest
   New Tents
   Te Runga Air Scouts in the new uniform
Group Activities
   Te Runga - Scouting Activities March 2012 - Current
   Te Runga - JOTA/JOTI
   Te Runga - Powell
   Te Runga - Bike Ride
Cub Activities  
   Cub 9 Time 2011
Scout Activities  
    Jamboree 2013/2014
      There where lots of photos taken from Jamboree - a lot of these can be found under Facebook
       Brendon Jamboree
       Adam Jamboree - FB (login needed)
       Grant Jamboree - FB (login needed)
       Richard Jamboree
    Cossgrove November 2013
    JOTA/JOTI 2013
    Sandford Foxton 2013
    Cossgrove April 2013
    Regional Summer Camp March 2013
    Cossgrove November 2012
    Olympics 2012
    Sandford 2012
    Cossgrove 2012
Venturer Activities  
   Venturers Velocity and Cooksey Courses
Zone Activities  
   Zone Camp / Mud Slide 2014
       Brendon's Photos
   Zone Camp / Mud Slide 2013
       Brendon's Photos
       Denise's Photos
       Barry's Photos
       Lyndon's Photos
   JOTA/ JOTI 2012
    Mud slide at the Upper Hutt Summer Carnival 2012
    Zone Mud Slide / Zone Camp 2012
       Photos 1 (Brendon / Linda)
       Photos 2 (Denise)
       Photos 3 (Anna)
       Video 1 (Grant)
   Zone Dry Land Regatta 2011
   Mud Slide at the Upper Hutt Summer Carnival 2011
   Mike's photos at the Mud Slide 2011
   Mud Slide 2011

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